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You've been thinking it over and over again for years. Telling yourself, why don't I just start a blog? Firing right back at yourself; you have no clue where to start or what to blog about! 

Or, you've been researching a ton. Trying to get every detail worked out! But you never do anything because it all seemed so daunting? 

I get it, you feel so dang overwhelmed every time you think about starting a blog. What about all the things you don't know yet and the $$$ (dollar signs) that come with a blog?

And come on, let's be real. You're not the type that knows how to code or wants to know how! Blogging expressions, references, and technology feel like a foreign language to you.

Plus, remember that one time when you did build up the guts to start a blog? But then felt so overwhelmed and gave up cause you didn't get your blog to look like you wanted it to?

You've so many doubts, and you don't have the courage to start!
And nobody would read it anyway, right!?

All over the place and still no clue how to become a blogger I continued. 

Moved cross-continent to L.A for a year, and now I run a blogging, teaching, and consulting business from home! And here's the scoop;

At the end of the day, I decided to cut my losses and move everything to 

Online courses weren't a thing when I started my first blog. I had to figure out everything on my own. I wish I had someone who helped me!

But this doesn't have to be your story! Let's skip ahead a few years.

Two years ago, in 2018, I couldn't be happier.

I started to sob at Starbucks! I spent six months working on my new website pulling nightshift to find out I couldn't t make it work! 

6 months later though, I found myself at Starbucks sipping on a Chai Tea Latte that was boiling. Christmas was around the corner, it was 5 pm and already pitch black outside. I met a friend who studied I.T. and shared my blog problems! He explained that the free software I was using would never help me create my dream blog.

I felt I was born to do this!

Confession time! I was so naive. I'd always thought that blogging was easy!

But, one day I found a platform I could start a blog for free. I managed to set it up and it worked for a while. I loved sharing recipes that I made from Jamie Oliver's 20 Min Meals or shared pics from our NYC trip. I become more and more obsessed. 

Then I got frustrated. The free blogging platform made it impossible to create the blog of my dreams!

Craving a creative outlet! It was in 2009, I was 19, and in my first year of university studying business! It was then when I first heard about blogging. So I started researching, and after fighting my way through the pages, I was still in the dark. 

but eventually, I decided to cut my losses and move it all to 

When I started my first blog, I had to figure out everything on my own. Online courses weren't a thing. I wish I had someone who helped me! But this doesn't have to be your story!

Let's skip ahead a few years! Two years ago, in 2018,  I could't be happier.

This isn't in the realm of possibilities!? Remember. Other people are doing it right now. You can start a blog right now. Don't wait until it's too late!

Replace your income from your corporate job and support your family. Walk away from your 9-5!

Work from home! You CAN make a living from what you enjoy most!

Travel the world or spend more precious time with your family. Use the time you have to pursue your dreams! 

You've got so much knowledge and skill that others can profit from. You can offer hope, inspire, inform, create, and help others in lasting ways. 

Start that business you've always dreamed of but were too scared to tell anybody. Your blog could be the Kickstarter to that life! 

Do something for yourself, learning something new, share this crazy life, and be heard. 

Say goodbye to your 9-5 job and say hello to blogging. Allow yourself the freedom and flexibility to "Have it All”!

According to data from WordPress.

You'll walk away with: 

Video tutorials showing you what to click and do to set up your blog. 

The recipe for content creation that helps you grow subscribers, wow them, and turn them into super-fans! 

A separate bonus course called "The WordPress Studio". It including over 30 Mini-Video-Tutorials (10min or less each). Walking you through how to use every single section of the software! Goodbye, Tech overwhelm!

5 Workbooks with prompts and actionable questions. Let's get you from Confuzzled to Action Jackson! 

The confidence to design your blog and make it look the way you always want it to. No need to pay designer. Use and tweak a theme that a pro created for you!

The blueprint to getting people into the door. With a mini SEO and Pinterest traffic training. 

The Blog Studio is a 5-Module E-Course that teaches you how to get stated with Blogging as an Online Business!

It's your time to start a blog. But you don't have to do it alone. Let me be there every step of the way!

You walk away with a blog that's set up and looks A-one by the end of my process! A Blog that's ready for you to grow into an online business! If you think, this sounds good... Arms up please... then this is for you: 

I've perfected my system of starting a blog over the past 11 years. I've tested and tried and merged it all into a process that breaks it down into easy to follow steps. 

My method helps to beat the overwhelm and confusion. It focusses on the things you need to know as well as tutorials that get you to take action and push you to the finish line. 

Video tutorials to follow along, showing you where to click and what to do! Quit worrying about tech!

Start the right blog in the right niche. Let's set the record straight on lifestyle blogs. 

Gain the confidence to work with any theme that a pro designed for you and make it look the way you want it to. 

No more guesswork on how bloggers make an income. Let's take the crystal ball and throw it in the trash.

Choose the right blogging platform (hint it's And learn how to use your blog as a marketing tool!

How to set up a Blog (Tutorial)

Ready to set up your blog without the confusion and make it look top-notch within hours? Using a blog theme designed by a pro?! Through your hands up and say YEAH!

Choose the right Blogging Platform!

Money-Making Strategies that still work in 2020! 

How to customize a Blog Theme!

Niche Blogs vs. Lifestyle Blogs

Checklist Module 1

Answer Vault M1

Workbook Module 1

4 Videos + 1 Bonus

P.S. I'm not going to shovel other products into your face you don't need. I'll show you the must-have investments vs. the nice to have's vs. the no needs! Plus, when I love free version, I'm gonna share it with you!

​​​You're the Type-A personality that likes to have all their ducks in a row long before actually making a move. If so, I promise this is what you need. This section will help you get over the fear of not being ready! How many years of reading and researching do you think you need? Girl, no more excuses! You're ready!

Screen recordings of how to set WP settings that most people forget, but pay for later! 

Behind the scenes of 

Peak behind the curtain, while I show you examples of my blogs and ideas for you to steal. Grasp what's possible.

WP Settings beginner bloggers forget!

Learn how to use the Gutenberg block editor. Create posts, upload images, videos, recipes, and more. I'll always keep these tech videos updated! Give outdated courses the heave-ho!

Gutenberg updated! 

My best recommendations of tools you must use. Give your blog that pro stamp of approval.

How to use Plugins and Widgets 

The WP Studio shows you how to use every function, tab, or tool within Go from tech dinosaur to sexy nerd! 

30+ mini Video Tutorials (10' or less)

Unit 2 consists of a separate online course called "The WordPress Studio". Say goodbye to tech overwhelm! The course has over 30+ WP Tech Tutorials. And, it's included and free for you. Learn how to use your blogging software. Function to function, beginning to end.

Checklist Module 2

Answer Vault M2

Workbook Module 2

30+ Videos

Duh!!!!!! The world needs you! I know it makes you nervous, having all that attention on you. Or, you're worried your blog idea is stupid?! Please stop! I show you content form ideas that work for everyone. Even for introverts!

Create blog posts that stand out, get shared, and go viral! My weapon for creating click-worthy headlines that's backed by data!

4 PDF Guides with the best Blogging Tools

You've always wanted to know which tools the pro's use. This is for you! 4 PDF Guides you can download that include blogging resources I use every day. Customized for each content form. 

How to create Viral Blog Post Titles

Examples of different "Content Forms" in action. The good the bad and the ugly of "Text, Video, Audio, and Photography" blogs! 

The 4 Content Forms 

Turn one time visitors into fans for life! The 5 "Content Types" you should cycle through to hit the high notes with your audience. 

The 5 Content Types that convert!

Never run out of ideas! Create blog posts that move your business, and change people's lives on the way. Create content that turns one time visitors into followers and leads! 

Follow my Secret Content Formula!

I show you how to create blog posts that engage and convert. There's more than one way to present your content. You've got a great voice? Love showing up on video? Got the words to move a nation? Or the photography skills of an Insta Influencer?

1 Checklist + 1 Workbook

Answer Vault M3

4 Content Resources 

6 Videos

Your dream is to turn your blog into a business? Your email list and community should be your number one priority! Period! Don't spend energy in the blogging areas that won't help you earn an income. I show you how to use email as the foundation of your blogging business. Gain the trust of your readers. Build an audience of true fans. 

Get people to stay longer, come back, and engage with you! My communication and engagement strategy for blogs! 

Blog Subscriber vs Social Media Follower!

You could be losing money. Do you now the difference between a blog and a social media subscriber? You don't? Learn how to own your list and break free of the algorithm nightmare! 

Communication and Engagement Strategy

Nurture your tribe, serve them via email, and make some Moolah $$$ along the way. An intro to growing subs and Email Marketing.

Email Marketing 101

Girl, the old-school "subscribe to my newsletter" isn't cutting it anymore. Learn my incentive strategy that works and become that one person your audience can't wait to hear from! 

How to grow an Audience in 2020

Let your blog become an expression of your voice and creativity. Is there a bigger joy than sharing your passion with the world and people that get you? Share this crazy life and be heard! 

Checklist Module 4

Answer Vault M4

Workbook Module 4

6 Videos + 1 Bonus

Let's make a deal! You'll find the courage to share your amazingness online! And I'll make sure that they'll show up once you do.

An intro to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your blog posts are on fleek, and tons of people show up. 

"The Avo to my Toast" - Pinterest.

SEO 101 - An Introduction

Learn how to leverage Pinterest for blog traffic.  In this Bonus training, you'll learn how get people to run-in your blog door even as a brand new blogger - all for free!

I didn't know how to add my Blog to Google for years. I thought it would somehow find itself on there. It didn't. Learn from my mistake! 

How to Add your Blog to Google!

Find out how and where to share on social and which media works best for which content form! Plus, don't spread yourself too thin and give up before it all went down! 

Leveraging Social Media to Grow your Blog

You think people will magically find you and show up on your blog? Think again, and do this instead!

Checklist Module 5

Answer Vault M5

Workbook Module 5

3 Videos + 1 Bonus

It's now time to GO THROUGH THE MODULES and start them! Connect with other kick-ass community members. Or, ask yours's truly when you get stuck. We'll have your blog up and running in no time! 

Click the "YES, I NEED THIS" button anywhere on the page and boom after checkout your in. You'll have to create a "teachable" account or log in to an existing one, and that's it! You've gained access to the course!

A WELCOME EMAIL is on your way. In the meantime, you can start right away. You get access to all 5 Modules and Bonuses at once! And if you can't dive in right away? You've snatched yourself lifetime access!

In this 15-Page PDF Guide, we go into how you can make your blog stand out! The online space is getting crowded. It's time to shine with your personality showcased through your brand.

In this bonus training, you'll learn how to leverage Pinterest. People will run-in your blog door even as a brand new blogger - all for free! Ahh Pinterest, my favorite thing in the world and "The Avo to my Toast".  

Grow subscribers on auto-pilot. Learn how to create online personality quizzes that people can't resist to click on. Get to know and leverage this strategy that only a few bloggers are using yet!

Your Questions answered!

Ask a question about a video right within each module. Or scroll the course's most asked questions in the Answer Vault!

Each module has its section with detailed answers and related follow-up information. No more, what now? No more, what's next?

Over 40+ answers ready for you in one place! 

Become a blogging Know-It-All!

You've got blogging questions, I've got your blogging answers!

Your most asked questions from each Module with word-for-word answers. In one place for free!

Well, here's the dealio!

You could spend hours researching and learning about blogging yourself! Information is available on Google or Youtube!

You may even find a "How to Set up your Blog" tutorial. You honestly believe that this time you've chosen the platform that helps you succeed!

Design and branding are great. And some software lets you customize your blog and make it look A-one. But, how experienced are you with blog design? 

Are you going to pay someone hundreds of $$ to 1:1 coach you? After all the energy you've put into your blog project already? 

You can figure this blogging thing out on your own. Different roads lead to Rome! And you can listen to all kinds of people in the realms of the internet!

There're many opinions and ways to do blogging.

Wouldn't you rather follow a blueprint that's thought through! Beginning to end! Paved for you! That has already sorted out the noise, so you can focus on getting results?

The Blog Studio Module 1 (Valued at $99)
30+ Mini WordPres Tutorials Module 2 (Valued at $499)
The Blog Studio Module 3 (Valued at $99)
The Blog Studio Module 4 (Valued at $99)
The Blog Studio Module 5 (Valued at $99)
4x PDF Guides to Killer Content (Valued at $299)
Blog Glossary - 40+ Terms + Definitions (Valued at $49)

BONUS 4: The Answer Vault (Valued at $499)
BONUS 1: The Blog Branding Guide (Valued at $99)
BONUS 2: Online Quiz Workshop (Valued at $149)
BONUS 3: Pinterest Traffic Intro Training (Valued at $49)
PDF Workbooks Module 1-5 (Valued at $299)
PDF Checklists Module 1-5 (Valued at $99)
Secret Graduation Gift (it's a secret duh!)

(aka money-back guarantee)

I believe in this program from the bottom of my heart and that's why I'm proud to honor "The Blog Studio" promise! 

If you're not happy, I'm not happy! If within 30 days, you give it a whirl and realize it's not for you...! Then show me your work and let me know how I can improve, I'm more than happy to refund your access.

My #1 priority is your happiness. no ifs, no ands, no buts. 

After two years in a 9-5 corporate job, I quit!

Moved across the Atlantic to L.A for a year and went all-in with my blogging business. 

A girl from across the pond in tiny Switzerland, who teaches women like you how to start a blog the right way! 

Back in the day 11 years ago I craved a creative outlet while studying business. So I started my first blog.

This is how you start and set up your blog the right way! Follow my blueprint. 

Are you ready?

I'm pulling back the curtain so you can look over my shoulder and steal my technique! Learn the exact steps you can take to build a blog thats profitable and looks A-one!

And now?

Are a blogger and marketing expert that has been doing it for years.

Already set up your blog and you're looking for advanced blogging training. 

Are too busy to dedicate a couple of hours or a weekend to put what you've learned in this course into action. 

Seek a quick scheme to making money online and you think blogging is it.

Have the beans to hire a programmer to set up your website. Or, design a custom blog theme. And you think doing it yourself is a waste of time. 

Never started a blog before, or started one but got stuck and gave up.

Don’t know the basics of running a blog and which elements you should focus on.

Feel overwhelmed with the icky techy stuff like WordPress, Plugins or Widgets.

Know that blogging isn't a quick scheme for making money. It's a project that's fueled by passion and that one day could turn into a business.

Don’t shy away from making an effort and an investment in yourself.

Don’t have an education in design or digital marketing, but still want a top notch blog.

I'm a total rookie, and I don't have a blog yet - will The Blog Studio work for me?



I'm a total rookie, and I don't have a blog yet - will The Blog Studio work for me?

Yes, the Blog Studio is going to be perfect for you. It's a beginner course, where we set up your new blog together. After the setup, we're gonna go into how to use WordPress. And then, create content and the major concepts you need to get people to your blog and grow followers. 

How can I access the course, and for how long?



How can I access the course, and for how long?

You'll get immediate and unlimited Lifetime access to all 5-course modules. Including the Answer Vault, and Bonuses. I've created the course on Teachable. So after you enrolled, you'll be able to create an account and see the class. I've structured the course into 5 modules and I recommend you to take in order. The material builds on previous modules. 

How much time does it take me to get through the course?



How much time does it take me to get through the course?

It depends. You can get through the course in a couple of hours or on a weekend. But I recommend you give yourself time to implement. Then revisit the course whenever you get stuck. Your blog setup alone takes no more than an hour. After that, it depends on how much time you want to dedicate to making it look beautiful. Finally, we go deeper into blogging concepts. These you can start putting into practice over time. Once your blog is live. 

What if the Blog Studio doesn't work for me - can I get a refund?



What if the Blog Studio doesn't work for me - can I get a refund?

The Blog Studio comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. I want you to love the course, and get results. If you find that the course isn't for you, I am happy to refund you in full within the first 30 days after you buy it. 

I've already started a blog, but I'm overwhelmed and don't know what to do next - can The Blog Studio help me?



I've already started a blog, but I'm overwhelmed and don't know what to do next - can The Blog Studio help me?

Yes! Even though I teach you how to set up a new blog from scratch in Module 1, Module 2-5 will be all for you. Even more! I recommend you to go through the setup videos anyways, to see if you missed something important. After that, we talk all:
- Content creation
- Getting people to your blog and read you amazing things
- Leveraging the power of social media, 
- Grow followers and fans
- And so much more...!
Sounds good? 
I know it's a lot, but you can do this!

What's the Answer Vault?



What's the Answer Vault?

The Answer Vault is a separate library of blogging answers. You'll gain access to when you grab your course. It's a free goodie I created as a bonus included in the purchasing price. Think of it as all the beginner questions you've ever had about blogging. Collected and answered in one place. Cool right?!

The Blog Studio Module 1 (Valued at $99)
30+ Mini WordPres Tutorials Module 2 (Valued at $499)
The Blog Studio Module 3 (Valued at $99)
The Blog Studio Module 4 (Valued at $99)
The Blog Studio Module 5 (Valued at $99)
4x PDF Guides to Killer Content (Valued at $299)
Blog Glossary - 40+ Terms + Definitions (Valued at $49)

BONUS 4: The Answer Vault (Valued at $499)
BONUS 1: The Blog Branding Guide (Valued at $99)
BONUS 2: Online Quiz Workshop (Valued at $149)
BONUS 3: Pinterest Traffic Intro Training (Valued at $49)
PDF Workbooks Module 1-5 (Valued at $299)
PDF Checklists Module 1-5 (Valued at $99)
Secret Graduation Gift (it's a secret duh!)